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Effective Writing in the Primary Classroom

Empowering Students – Authentic Writing for Wellbeing & Connection


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22nd & 29th July 2024 

As an author, educator and consultant, Lisa works with schools to improve literacy teaching and learning practices. Over the years, she has worked with thousands of students and teachers in Australia, America and beyond. She has a strong background in effective classroom teaching.

Lisa loves sharing stories, especially with young people. She believes that stories can strengthen empathy, connection and community. In fact, stories can change our world. She recently completed a Diploma in Healing Through Narrative, deepening her work in storytelling and writing for wellbeing.

Lisa produced her own TV series, Writer’s Notebook, and co-hosted a weekly radio program, Stories, Songs and People’s Voices.

The natural next step for Lisa was to write a book, celebrating the power of storytelling. Billy Bobbarooni and the Mystery Words is that book, a middle-grade novel that weaves poems, riddles, short stories and other styles of writing throughout the narrative.

Lisa is a member of the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) and is currently Vice President, Australian Literacy Educators’ Association (ALEA), Melbourne Local Council. She works with the ALEA Melbourne team to advocate ‘for a rich and coherent understanding of literacy among educators, children and their families, the media, and the community at large’.

She presents at conferences and events, entertaining and educating audiences with stories gathered during her long career in education.

Lisa is inspired by the strengths, creativity and potential of students and teachers everywhere. Her greatest wish is for all educators to deeply understand how authentic literacy practices strengthen connectedness and wellbeing in schools.

Lisa is a certified Healing Through Narrative practitioner, now available for one-to-one sessions in Life, Career and Personal Growth Consulting. 


Billy Bobbarooni and the Mystery Words
Billy Bobbarooni: Book 1

By Lisa Keskinen

‘A novel with a compelling mystery and a rich world, celebrating the power of storytelling and the spirit of community.’

Mystery, history, riddles and rhyme.
Will they crack the code or run out of time?

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  • A novel for readers 8+ years old
  • Rich vocabulary and themes
  • Fun and relatable
  • Great for reading comprehension and critical literacy discussions
  • Weaves poems, riddles, short stories and other styles of writing throughout the narrative
  • The first book in the Billy Bobbarooni series
  • 10% discount for orders of 6 or more – great for literature circles and classroom libraries

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Teacher and Parent Notes

Drawing on her knowledge as a teacher and education consultant, Lisa has produced these Notes to use before, during and after reading Billy Bobbarooni and the Mystery Words.

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Designed for teachers, librarians, home-schooling communities and parents.

They include: 

  • A vocabulary list for each chapter
  • Information on themes and curriculum links
  • Discussion points with extracts from the story
  • Critical literacy questions
  • Engaging extension activities
  • Further learning reference links

For more information or to download teacher notes click here.

Services in Education

Lisa founded Lisa K Connections in 2003 with a vision to:

• provide high quality teacher professional development services
• inspire and encourage teachers to continually improve and develop their professional knowledge and skills
• improve the quality of teaching and learning practices in schools, therefore improving student outcomes
• model and demonstrate effective teaching and learning practices
• focus on whole school approaches to school improvement
• continually evaluate and improve the services provided
• work with joy and kindness
• enjoy the ride!

Lisa works with schools to plan and deliver high quality professional development programs that meet specific literacy needs. She is also available for special events, interviews, conferences, curriculum days, after school workshops and parent information evenings.

Healing Through Narrative

Lisa is now available for one-to-one consultations.

Life, Career and Personal Growth Consulting

Lisa is a certified Healing Through Narrative practitioner with a passion for connecting people with their innate power and wisdom. With over 30 years of experience as an educator and consultant, Lisa has worked with rich and diverse communities in Australia, America and beyond. She brings this depth of experience to her healing work.

Lisa provides a safe space to pause and reflect on our life stories: stories about ourselves, our abilities, our struggles, our relationships, our work, interests, failures and achievements.

Our stories shape our lives. Our internal scripts pattern our attitudes, behaviours and choices. Lisa works with you to discover these scripts, and to inspire new stories that promote transformation, growth and healing.

Lisa holds a Diploma of Healing Through Narrative. She is a member of Holistic Health Associates International.

Specialising in:

Healing Through Narrative
Empowering Life and Career Transitions
Stress Management
Leadership Development
Improving Work-Life Balance
Self-Development – Aligning with Your True Self and Purpose
Grief and Bereavement
Strengthening Relationships
Meditation and Hypnosis
Dream Decoding

Connect with Lisa

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